Scalr Enterprise - 7.17.24 Release notes

Release Date: 30/Nov/2021


  • SCALRCORE-20626 API > Add script version to orchestration log (agent >= 7.17.22 required)

  • SCALRCORE-20556 AWS > Add new c6i.*, u-6tb1.*, u-9tb1.112xlarge, u-12tb1.112xlarge, dl1.24xlarge instance types and populate other instance types to all cloud locations where they were added

  • SCALRCORE-20478 UI > Show VM state in the Cloud for the failed server

  • SCALRCORE-20473 UI > Admin Scope > Provide a way to disable 2FA for the user


  • SCALRCORE-20726 AWS > EFS > API calls for delete operation on EFS resource in eu-central-1 region failed

  • SCALRCORE-20561 AWS > S3 lifecycle policy > Transition and expiration actions grid does not reflect changes

  • SCALRCORE-20244 UI > Farm role > Edit security group rule validation error

  • SCALRCORE-20226 Removing Images > Fatal error: 1406: Data too long for column 'status_error' at row 1